Monday, March 16, 2009

bike ride

Yesterday's weather was so nice that Katie and I decided to go for a bike ride. Since we planned on stopping over at my parents for dinner we decided to hit up the Lexington Bike trail.
I scrambled around my basement and found my pump in the most appropriate place behind the water heater? Any way I filled the tires and attached the bike rack (tow hitch setup) and we hit the road.

Upon entering the old towne of Lexington we parked and took the bikes down. Katie and I run into an issue, big issue! Katie's bike seat would not got down. After 5 minutes of struggling (no I was not weating a bike helmet , I can just imagine your mental images) to get the seat off I went to CVS and picked up WD-40. After oiling up the bike the seat was yanked off. Unfortunately the bottom of the seat post was partially bent. That prevented the seat from going down. The seat was so high Katie couldn't touch the ground and barely reach the pedals. So bike ride was squashed and we took a casual stroll.

Long journey and fairly long blog post for no bike ride. Could be worse at least Katie's bike still has wheels