Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Zack Morris ( Mark-Paul Gosselaar) on Jimmy Fallon

Great clip from Jimmy Fallon last night with Zack Morris. Funny stuff and way to commit. I assumed Mark-Paul dyed his hair back to blond.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Food locations from "down south" roadtrip

I have compiled a list of favorite meals from recent trip down south. I think it speaks volume's the two most authentic non-fancy places (Ike's and Jestine's Kitchen) do not have websites.

Ike's Korner Grill
Spartanburg, South Carolina

I had a cheeseburger plate with fresh cut fries and a side of cole slaw, all washed down with a cup of sweet tea (sweetened ice tea for the non tea drinkers). Great start to the road trip with a semi-greasy lunch.


From Peerless

Johnson City,Tennessee
Katie and I shared the fillet mignon for two with asparagus and potatoes on the side.


Nashville, TN
Great BBQ I was quite impressed. I had the 3 combo plate including Tennessee Pork Shoulder, Texas Beef Brisket, and Smoked Chicken! Don't forget the great sides Mac & Cheese and Baked Beans.


Savannah, GA
Served the best refined meal of the trip. Garibaldi's is known for various seafood dishes. Katie and I started our dinner in Savannah with a mixed green salad combining granny smith apples, reduced vinaigrette, pecans, blue cheese crumbles, and topped with fabulous scallops.
For an entree I had the red snapper with risotto. Katie had her favorite linguini with clams.


From Jestine's Kitchen

Jestine's Kitchen
Charleston, SC

Katie and I spent only a couple of hours of Charleston and I'm glad we waited in line to eat Jestine's Kitchen. Our meal began with an appetizer of fried green tomato's which I finished in about two minutes.
Katie had an interesting lunch combination consisting of a plate of fried chicken with a side of mac & cheese and watermelon. The waitress was a bit confused by the contrasting sides but Katie wanted her watermelon. I ordered the Cajun Creole.
I have to mention the lovely waitstaff again. As I was eating some of Katie's chicken in a nice southern accent a waitress told me "stop messing with that silverware and eat that chicken with your hands"

The highlight for me was dessert. I ordered a pecan pie that was the best I ever had. The pecans were minced and the crust delicious. Katie ordered a coconut cream pie. After that meal we left completely full and satisfied.

From Jestine's Kitchen

Monday, June 1, 2009

Funny Things from the Road Part 2

Funny stuff I have noticed on the drive from Nashville down to Atlanta.

  1. Firework stores! Ongoing theme throughout the south. Largest supermarket type stores biggest so far Tennessee-Alabama Fireworks.
  2. The Towing and Receiving hall of Fame and Museum. This place was near Rock City and I wanted to go inside. After looking at the website probably glad I didn't spend the $8 to go inside. I can imagine the 2009 induction ceremony giving an award to a Towing company that hires nice and friendly people (and women)!
  3. Side bar while at Rock City overheard this boy (6-9 year old) ask his mom if she could go squeeze through the rock walk way. Kids say the darndest things!
  4. Lions Den: Adult Fuel and Food superstore!
  5. The number of blown out tires in the driving lanes in Georgia (I-75 south). My count was around 8.